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Advanced Female Cutting Cycle (recommended for fitness competitors) 

week no Stanblood mg/week Mastblood mg/week
1. 150 100
2. 150 100
3. 150 100
4. 150 100
5. 200 100
6. 200 100
7. 250 200
8. 250 200
total 3 vials Stanblood 1 vial Mastblood

Take Stanblood three times per week, take mastblood 2 times per week (divide weekly dosages in 2 or 3 shots)


Order includes : 3 vials Stanblood, 1 vial Mastblood

Please note this cycle comes with full instructions how to use products correctly, which includes :

  • Stanblood and Mastblood specific features for female user.
  • proper diet and training for best results.
  • planning next cycle, how long off period to take and do you need any post cycle treatment
  • and that is not all, you are not left in dark with any issues if you buy from us, any question you have our professional bodybuilder and personal trainer will answer within 24h.

This service eats up our competition. You do not need to look anywhere else for suggestions and advices, all in one place. Remember steroids will work well only if you incorporate their use into good training and diet system. Our brochure for cycle is all you need to succeed in your mass gaining efforts.


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